Monday, 23 July 2012


I'm ill; Saturday I did what I have never done before, I threw in the towel and asked my Shift manager if I could go home... He called me a little bitch, but he let me go. After a few days of sweats, aches, headaches and a whole hue cycle of phlegm I decided to do the second thing I never do... make a doctors appointment.
I have Tonsillitis. Seriously, I always thought this was a kiddie illness from swapping sweets and eating everything from crayons to clumps of dirt. I reckon it's all the passive smoking I 'm addicted to. (I went on holiday once, I started craving something extremely band, I didn't have a clue what it was until I got back to the smoking circle at work.)

I'm on penicillin and off work until Friday and I'm already incredibly bored. I've only got a few hobbies, mainly playing the guitar and drums, drawing and reading. Well, I've played my guitar so much my finger tips are ripe, and I really don't want to start any new books until I finish the one I'm half way through; unfortunately its in my locker at work. So that leaves drawing... In all honesty I just can't be bothered drawing anything at the moment.

Anyway, I'm watching cartoon network. In my underwear. Eating grapes (because thats how I roll when I'm a poorly boy). I love a show on cartoon network, it's called Adventure time, I may do a separate post about it,  you should check it out in the meantime. BUT aside from adventure time, EVERYTHING ELSE IS SHIT. Is this the garbage tele is shoving down youths throats today? Its awful; Ben10, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, fucking Lego Ninjago? Its pure crap. What happened to wholesome, educational, shows the entire family could enjoy like Cow and chicken, Johnny Bravo or the greatest animation series of all time Ren and Stimpy? There isn't a close up shot of a shiny bottom or snot filled nostril in any of the new shows.

Some of you out there may blame social/psychological problems, and religious fanaticism when people go running around on murder rampages, or blowing themselves up. I can tell you now It is actually directly triggered by good cartoons being canceled and replaced by shite ones. (I base this fact on no evidence whatsoever)

Below I have posted a few pictures I drew. In them I included some truly fucking brilliant cartoons.  By the way, as a grown male, I do not fell at all embarrassed that I still have favorite cartoons. Infact, If you don't have a favorite cartoon you are boring and all your childhood memories and stories suck.


Before you view the pictures you must prove yourself by reciting this (ripoff quote)... "Perfect! The oath! Put your hand on the computer screen and repeat after me. I do hereby promise only to watch the Ren and Stimpy show. To make underleg noises during the good scenes. To wear unwashed Lederhosen every single day of the rest of my life! That's it, you're in our secret club! Alright Stimpy, they're OK. Show them the stuff."

I will put a word in for Pokemon. Though not strictly a cartoon (as my friends who are into Anime, Manga and probably other nefarious Asian animations tell me) it has been on cartoon network. There are just too many awesome Pokemon characters, my fingers would be nubbier than my pencils if I attempted to draw just the ones I favoured in the games (I played Crystal). I have however drawn two...


I hope you now go and revisit all the kickass cartoons you watched back in the day.

P.S: I will be doing a new blog (link will be available under the archive list) called Drew's Drawing of the Day . It's where my best buddy Andrew asks me to draw something completely outlandish/offensive/ridiculous and because I love him dearly and constantly crave his approval and attention I do it without questioning.

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  1. Those are MY pictures I tell you, you thief (even though you might have drawn them for me muhahaha)and by the way if the shit cartoons get too much for you, criminal minds, sky living, 2pm and 3pm, you will wonder how you survived before! xxx