Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Well well well, Haven't I been neglecting this blog? I have no excuse, I'm lazy, unmotivated and easily distracted. Guess I better get back on track and tell y'all what I got up to in February.

4 main things really:     1. I recorded a Demo with my band
                                  2. I went on a trip to Hartlepool and Durham
                                  3. I got an Early birthday present
                                  4. I played my first gig with my band

So lets start with 1.

Spent the day in Ellesmere port  with the lads from PROJECT No1 recording our first demo!
Had a cracking time and the finished recording sounds great. We look forward to getting back in there are putting our other tracks down on to CD. The Demos can be found on our blogspot page: projectnum1.blogspot.com

Chilling whilst Pag has a smoke
Recording my parts for the demo

2. "Trip to Hartlepool and Durham"

Why Hartlepool you may ask; Well because this is there:

That my friends is the HMS Trincolmalee. I am a MASSIVE dork when it comes to history, English history, and English naval/military history; So the Hartlepool Maritime Experience was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!
It was awesome, because of the season there were no kids, which is worth the admission it's self, there were very few other people, and best of all no tourists queues or kids! (I know I said kids twice)

It basically has a museum about Hartlepool with some generic stuff about Hartlepools place in this era and that era etc... but it also had a dock that was enclosed by old 18thCentury buildings that had been filled with wax models and themed attire, Blacksmiths, gun makers, Hardware shop, a Tavern, Shipwright's and loads of others; ther's lots of stuff to read if your like me, and lots of pretty still scenes with the wax models. 

Popeye the camp scarf wearing man...

It had an "Experience" walk through where you walk through a dozen scenes of life on a navy ship complete with models, excellent scenery and a video/audio guide actor telling you all about the particular area of the ship and people who worked in it. It was finished by a "Battle Experience" which had me feeling like a 7 year old again

Fun fact: When I was 7 my grandad introduced me to CS Forrester's Hornblower novels and the tv adaptation, until the age of 11 I wanted to be, more than anything in the world a capain of a royal navy frigate! Whilst boys my age worshiped The Rock, or David Beckham, I was always talking about Horatio Nelson (yes, I already said I was a dork, even at that tender age) Well it all ended when I found out that wooden tall ships and firing a cannon into a Frenchmans face isn't the job of the Royal Navy anymore, the romance and glory was gone.

For my 7th birthday I asked for that hat, instead I was taken to Legoland. Booo
The Battle Experience was of the same nature as the rest of the walk through, but louder, with flashing lights and the sounds of cannon shot, men screaming and fighting, a bad ass captain who kept saying "kill the Frenchies" and a shitload of dry ice from a smoke machine.

Me and my partner had fish and chips (I also had a Newky Brown, cause I dont have to drive, so I flaunt that shit) in a very nice set-out olde worlde cafe, then we headed out onto the HMS Trincolmalee.

I enjoy a Newky Brown and getting Tattoos as much as the next man, but this is dedication.

When we went to board the ship they said I was not to take any photos while I was on there... But I'm a fucking rebel...

The rest of the day was spent at the hotel room; because aside from the Maritime Museum Hartlepool is a shithole. There is nothing else there but council estates. Also the day was nearly ruined by some Scumbag dickhead kids were playing chicken in the road, if it wasn't for the car going 30mph I would of got out and turned the little bastards into McNuggets. Fast food "resturaunts" and BetFred shops were just about the only other things about, and there was bugger all on at the cinemas, so that was out the window.

Next day I headed off to Durham (if you didn't already know Durham is a very old Historical town with a castle and a very impressive Cathedral... I love classical arctitecture too by the way) Managed to park in a space that made the Fiat500 we were in look more like 4x4, then headed off into the historical town centre. Had a mooch around the market and the high street, then started the climb up Durham hill to the Cathedral and Castle.

Durham, from the town bridge

Unfortunatly the Castle was closed to the public  because some selfish bastards wanted  have a wedding there that day, but the Cathedral was all rock n roll (yeah, they got married in a castle rather than a huge church, worlds gone mad) and was open to the public.
Holy crap that place is impressive, unfortunatly there were loads of security (old people in vestures) walking about giving disapproving stares at nyone looking like they'ed even contemplate taking a sneeky photo without donating £5. Also, I didnt want to piss off God, my HTC 1X is tempramental enough without devine wrath coming it's way.
I did however pull a quick pic of Google.


Well for £5 you got to climb the tower... well they need to make money some way, it's not like they can film any more Harry Potter scenes there, and the days of ripping off the medieval peasentry are long gone. 300 odd steps, seriously, Im not healthy in the slightest, Im overweight, my exercise consists of walking to the shops to buy beer. Those 300 steps took the piss. I was mega glad to be up top. I came back down mostly on my arse

Yeah, I fucking owned that tower.


The Tower and he view of the Castle from the Tower

Miscelanious pretty pictures of the way there and back:

The A666 to Salford... truly the road to hell!

3. "Early birthday present"


Fender Mexican Stratocaster, Artic white contour body, rosewood fretboard.
If jesus played a guitar, he'd be droppin Voodoo child style riffs on this bad boy.

trivia: When I went to put the deposit down for this 30 mins parking under the Novotel in Manchester cost me £4. Shocking isn't it. 
"Not coming here again" is the clean version of my thoughts. The nexy day when I went to pick it up, Novotel carpark was passed by; instead the car was parked at a very dingy looking 70's multistory near the tram lines. I was out the car for 15 minutes... £8
 Fuck you Manchester.
4. "First gig with the band"
PROJECT No1 had it's first gig at Manchester Club Academy. We headlined with 3 support bands. It was a very enjoyable day I had a new guitar, everyone was excited about the show, no nerves what so ever. Once we sound checked and got everything in order we (myself and the band) had a few drink; Phil the other guitarist introduced me to this: By far the best beverage I've tried in a while.
and we got something to eat at the very reasonably priced and rather good student union cafe.
We hired a coach that night and packed it full of our loyal friends to come up and see the show. What happened next in the case of my friends can only be described as pure carnage.
I wont go into too much detail as I do not have the permission to write about my friends and collegues, but what I will say is that the staff of the "Crobar" on Oxford street probably never saw it coming, and never want to see it again. My friends especially one of my best friends also managed to take it to the limit of fucked up shit you do when you are drunk that night... 3 of my friends were refused service at the student bar...
refused service at a student bar.

Come 10pm the show started and we killed it. I've never heard so much cheering in my life after each song, as far as Ego massaging goes, I had a chinese happy ending. All photos from the night can be found at http://projectnum1.blogspot.co.uk/p/project-number-1-bio.html (later this week once I get round to uploading them.)
I usually hate photos of myself, but this one can be framed

Although I played a half dozen gigs with The Daimond Bays over the late part of 2012 and the early months of 2013, I recently decided to leave them in order to focus on Project No1 and my life in general.
Well, that pretty much wraps up February, the rest of it consisted of work and me staying in bed wishing I didnt have to go to work.
Me, in bed with my bitch wishing I didn't have to go to work

Monday, 21 January 2013

Bands, good music and some freebies

Soooo I'm in a band, 2 in fact. Considering they are now both active I reckon I should do a wee blog on them.

PROJECT No1   (formally known as The Watershed)

We are a 5 piece indie/rock band based in Warrington in the North West of England. We play our own original material drawing influences from alternative/indie rock, britpop and grunge.

It's very ballsy grunge flavoured indie rock. I split lead and rhythm guitar with another guitarist and the lead singer/rhythm guitarist. They've been together as a four piece in one way or another for a while, but I was brought in to give the songs some extra Oompf. We have our first gig at Manchester Academy on February 23rd. We are also getting afew tracks down professionally recorded next week... we'll be touring Japan in no time!

Links:                    facebook              twitter               youtube               official blog

here's a few tasters for you anyhow (these are older recordings, new tracks are being made soon that are clearer and mastered professionally):

My Time:


All I ever wanted:

The Watershed - Jamming at Richmonds club

The Diamond Bays

We are a 5 piece alternative rock band from Warrington. Elements of Rock and rock, blues rock, folk and pop give the sound a great foot tapping and dancing quality.

Originally I was going to form a cover band with my friend Chris, but his friend had this project on the go, I was asked to go and jam, and now I'm the rhythm guitarist. we've done a few very well received local gigs and have many more booked. We are in Manchester at the Dry Bar February 25th

Links:                                        facebook                 soundcloud  

here's a few tasters for you anyhow (these are older recordings, new tracks are being made soon that are clearer and mastered professionally):

Don't you go:

Mindless masses:


The Diamond Bays - Live at the Darli bar