Sunday, 15 July 2012

28days later...

I've found myself pulling a night shift at the general hospital. I'm pretty bored, but I got a fairly good deal out of taking up the overtime ( hours playing ElderScrolls taught me how to haggle ). I am to spend 12.5 hours in a small room, until I'm relieved by a colleague. It's hot, and dark and pretty boring. Thank goodness I have my phone with me (HTC1X, free WiFi - that's how I roll).

Anyway it's 4am, I'm bored of skipping through countless semi interesting wiki pages. Feeling my eye lids getting heavy I did what I usually do at 4am, get some Dr Pepper.
As I exited the tiny room I entered a dark ward, not a soul... Same on the ground floor, and through the 3 wings to the vending machines. Spooky. I got to thinking FUCKING COOL! This is JUST like the film 28days later! I don't know if it's cause I'm low on blood sugar (felt rotten for a while since I near pez dispensered my self shaving earlier) or if it's cause I'm 22 going on 12 but I started pretending I was Cilian Murphy running around all confused... Silently shouting "hello? Is anyone there?" And "what's happened?" Prancing around looking through windows, bewildered by the total stillness and over turned rubbish bins (seriously, no shit, cleaning staff must have Sunday's off) I was having a Mecha fun time. That is until I bumped into a nurse and felt like a right pratt. I spent the rest of my journey to the vending machines chin firmly tucked in, and eyes to the floor.

Long story short, found the vending machines, I see Dr Pepper; selection B7 then the rip off quote of the post hit me... "What's the worst that could happen?"... Well, all the blowing and rubbing I could muster on my handful of 50ps wouldn't make a difference; it appears these machines don't accept coins, "fucking excellent" only 6mm of plexiglass separates me from my Dr Pepper. Like the first living white guy that saves Cilian Murphy in 28days later who got macheted by the black chick cause he possibly got infected, I was totally fucked... And thirsty.

Im now watching Shaun of the dead on pay-per-view, ironic. Roll on 8am.

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