Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A bit of advice to your Teenage self.

"Message to your teenage self." A fellow blogger did this post and challenged others to do one too. At first I thought it was abit silly, but about 5 seconds in I had a nostalgia overdose! It's actually quite touching to imagine giving yourself advice, now you have the experience of life (I get bonus points for rhyming btw) so following the generic questions here we go:

Fashion DOs For Your Teenage Self?

Do, wear your usual gear, black T-shirt with vinyl Band logo; Iron Maiden tops are good for any occasion.
Buy yourself a leather jacket sooner than you did; although the Czech army jacket covered in band patches you usually sported was awesome, a leather jacket can't be beaten; you'd of looked sweet at the concerts and gigs you went to... and you'd probably of have less people approaching you trying to buy drugs...

Fashion Don'ts For Your Teenage Self?

Don't wear baggy jeans with stripes down the side from Latif's, you knew they looked stupid. Just stick with the Tescos "cherokee" boot cuts.
Kudos to washing your hair (which was freaking awesome cause it was long, and well past your shoulder blades), unlike your fellow mosher compadres; but straighten the ends, yeah, using strainghtners is abit poof like, but you'll have less of the feathered/dragged through a bush effect.
Tie your hair back occasionally Cousin It... remind people you have facial features!

A deep and meaningful piece of advice for your teenage self?

Don't be shy, don't be so afraid of an outcome. Say what you want to say, do what you want to do, don't let pratts stop you from expressing yourself. You were a brilliant poet, writer and composer in school, you should of wrote that stuff down, 'cause I'll be buggered if I can remember anything or match it now!

Tips for School?

Well, if you actually went to school that would probably of helped your grades; not drawing Iron Maidens 'eddie' (I still have them, they are top ha) on every blank text book surface and doing the assigned work may of helped too.. . Then again some of your best memories will be of wasting away days skiving on the park with your mates.

Tips for Friends?

You were always a good friend, you never let a person down ever. you always kept your word and never acted two faced; because of this you're friends still respect you... unfortunately many of them are now cave dwellers that prefer playing WoW to socialising outside; As a result you've never developed a night social life.
Do more with Drew, he's always and always will be your best friend and a true champion among men, make more of an effort to visit him at collage and uni.
Finally. don't keep a feud with Chris, he did what he did because it was the right thing, no matter how you or the rest of the group felt. You're going to make up with him anyway so just bury the hatchet there and then.

Tips for Fun?

Just do what you did, Parties and game nights at Kierans were brilliant, few things have come close in the past 8 years. Pull the puppy eyes on Mam more often, get her to buy you more Gig tickets! Try new things, food, (you'll be 19 before you realise you love Indian food and things that burn your tongue) experiences, talking to different people. Get in a band sooner. And sod buses off as soon as you turn 17, get a motorcycle, you laaav them now!


  1. Haha amazing! I didn't realise from your comment that you actually did it! I love the hair straightener tip x

  2. it used to piss my sister off, I'd nab them while she wasn't looking... 16 years old, denim n leather, Iron Maiden blaring out of my decks, and I'm using pink Ghds... x