Monday, 19 November 2012

Resevior dogs

I go through long periods of inactivity when it comes to art; I can find myself not so much as picking up a pencil for months, no motivation, no inspiration, no reason etc... I occasionally get commissioned to do a picture for a friend or design ideas pitched to me for tattoos and even an album sleeve, but on the whole I only spend 1 maybe 2 weeks in a year gratuitously pumping out pieces like a machine. The most recent form of inspiration came from one of my all time favorite films...
Reservoir Dogs
If you've not seen this film stop what you are doing, and sort your life out! It's amazing, it's cool as fuck and has afew of the best dialogue pieces ever scripted.
Anyway, for the next few days I started drawing scenes

This is the movie Poster
Just a contrast picture of all the guys walking

Mr Pink (playing the world's smallest violin)
Mr pink and Mr White face off

Mr pink pulling his gun on Mr White
Mr Blonde after he cut off the Cop's ear
Mr Orange after shooting Mr White
I also drew some Pulp Fiction scenes, unfortunatly I never finished afew of them... guess I'll have to wait until my next bout of insperation ha. Heres what I did finish anyhow:
Mia Wallace, from the movie's poster
 Captain Koons and the Watch

Zed, Maynard and the Gimp

Marsellus Wallace and Butch tied up 

Well I hope you liked my little sketcharoos. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of them people; And if you have an Ideas or suggestions to get my creative juices flowing again, please, be my guest and demand I get off my arse and do some damn drawing!

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