Saturday, 8 September 2012

El Mariachi

Right, quick history lesson; I made a flamenco guitar video for youtube when I got myself a beautiful semi electric/acoustic classical nylon string guitar (I've called her Catalina) it's basically the intro to Cancion el mariachi by Los Lobos (and Antonio Badasses, I mean Banderas.) and a improv piece based on a song called  Alacran y Pistolero by Chingon. It has since had over 20,000 views and I've literally received and replied to nearly 2000 requests for the tablature (thats guitar sheet music) Well, being wicked lazy, but wanting to continue helping people out, I decided "hay, I can cut down all this reply email nonsense down by simply posting the tab here..." So with out further adieu, here it is 'El Mariachi'

...And for reference, here's the original video

"El Mariachi - How to play Spanish Guitar (Tabs)"

Good luck embarking on making some sweet ass music, lots of love from your Hombre, Ricardo x Rip off quote of the post: It's easier to pull the trigger than play guitar. Easier to destroy than create.

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