Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Just like Arnie promised to a LAPD officer before he mowed a cruiser through the booking sergeant's desk in Terminator... I'm back.

Firstly yes, quote of the post is the title.
Secondly, I apologise for not updating in nearly a month, I know how miserable some of you feel when I don't share my awesomeness with you. There is a war going on in Syria and the shit is about to get real. Though I'm usually pretty upto date with current affairs in politics and economics, I confess I've let this one slip by... I can only assume it all a big hoo-har over me not blogging recently... That or the tyranny and opposition to the Ba'ath party rule, but I'm not sure. Eitherway I owe it to the brave men and women fighting for freedom a good ole post to lift moral.
Here are the two reasons why I haven't updated...

1. A family friend came round and asked if I still had a heirloom I inherited; as it happens I did. Well it turned out he'd heard some big hardman a few estates away was claiming my uncle stole it off him some years ago. Well, I wasn't takin that, my uncle Bill is one of the loveliest honest chaps around. So me and a buddy set out to put the guy straight and sort the mess out. We soon realised we were in deep shit as his lads found us in the pub and the scrotty little hoodies kicked off; one of the pricks bottled me! If it wasn't for a guy in the pub who chased them off and got me to A and E who knows what would of happened!
I recovered fairly quickly. Soon after I was discharged me and my buddies went to the council explained what was going on. They assigned us some Police Special Constables to help us get to the bottom of things. Well, the police are fucking useless and dropped my case over some deal with a block of flats getting terrorised. The only person who would help me out finding where this hard man lived was a proper smack head off the estate. I got the feeling he was gonna rob me the second I turned my back. Eventually after a load of bullshit I finally made it to this pricks place when suddenly the junkie went mental, we had a wrestle and as a result the bastard dropped the heirloom down the gutter.
The hard nut actually got arrested and the chap that helped me out in the pub cleaned up the area in a new community watch scheme. Though I had a hard week I feel pretty good about things now and look forward to blogging some more.

2. I've been unable to sleep, and have been doing constant night shifts at work (where i've been watching a lot of films.) One of the nurses in the unit said I'm suffering from confusion and severe delusions of grandeur due to insomnia related sleep deprivation....
In other news i'm in not one, but two bands. Rhythm guitar in one called the Diamond Bays which is a brand new, pretty sweet easy to dance to outfit with afew original songs already finished. The other is the Watershed a established indie (but not shit indie, more along the lines of stone roses, Smith's...) in which I'm splitting lead guitar and playing keyboards (I now have to learn how to play keyboards... And write parts for 30 songs... Who says I'm not up for a challange) I'm very excited about both as they are shithottotallyawesometothemaxmeltyourfaceoverdosetotheextreme, and all the other members are top lads... (Which may mean I'm the arsehole of the groups, but fuck it.) Gigs will be happening starting October, there will be some small promotion and samples on here as I have fuck all else going on to write about currently.

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