Sunday, 30 September 2012

6myth Style n fashion tips

I've had bloggers block recently. The last few 'hardcore reviews' and 'Bff Andy...' were all written in one night, but cleverly spaced apart to make it look like I can do this shit regularly. My Terrible affliction has left me unable to come up with any worthy blogging ideas of my own; So once again I've decided to completely rip off a fellow friend blogger's niche... Fashion, style n tips... 6myth style.
I'm a rocker. Always have been. Cut me in half and I'm sure the words 'Iron Maiden' and 'Metallica' are stained into me as if I was a piece of Blackpool rock candy! Now any self respecting rocker needs these 5 things.

1. The foot ware.

Elegant, comfy, and not to mention eternally and universally stylish; of course the first thing that comes to mind are Steelies. A good pair of Black, Steel toed, above ankle shit kickers are a must. They go with anything; denim, leather, tuxedos... They offer protection all round, be it from heavy work equipment, to riding your motorcycle, or even the occasional boot to the jaw (it's called a black aspirin in my trade.)

These pair are "groundwork" from Shoezone at a bargain of £25.

2. Trousers

Denim Jeans. What self respecting fan of Black Sabbath will wear anything but? Acid washed with a hint of brown, turned up at the bottom n slightly creased. Beer/Oil stains optional.

3. Undies

1. Pair of old Calvin's will do. Wear for afew days, take em off, turn em onside out BOOM fresh enough for the weekend!

4. Shirts

Who gives a shirt about collars and buttons when you have band T-shirts (did you see what I did there?). Show the world how refined your taste is by wearing your favorite artists on your chest.

 I like all types of nut busting music.

 The only other option is plain white, black or grey.

5. Jacket.

Leather. Anything that didn't require an animal to die so you can be warm and look cool is not rock and roll.

This is a carboot WIN at £5! black classic James Dean Rebel Without a Cause, looks great while you straddle a motorcycle, looks great while you tear out a sweet guitar lick, looks great.

6. Accessories.

Things you need to finish the look.
Hair wax, plenty of it, slick that do back like your an Italian in a wind tunnel!
Comb - make sure your blast back stays blast back. You don't want to look like Robert Smith from the Cure (even though he is a freakin' legend)
Rag- for cleaning grease, oil, n wax off your hands, nonchalantly tucked into your back pocket.

Look at you, Cinderella! Ready for the (head bangers) ball!


  1. You are hilarious. I think you need to do an OOTD wearing a tuxedo and your steelies. You're a fashion icon. Your like the make Kate Moss! x

  2. I'm going to a wedding this month, I think I might just do that haha x